actiTube SLIM 7mm tune
actiTube SLIM 7mm tune
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actiTube SLIM 7mm tune

Sisältää veron.

actiTube- tunet on valmistettu Saksassa. Nämä aktiivihiilifiltterit voivat suodattaa haitallisia aineita.

By using an actiTube activated carbon filter, a large part of the hazardous substances are filtered by the active carbon and not inhaled. This also cools down the smoke and creates a pleasantly mild taste. It also largely prevents the bitter aftertaste in your mouth. When used correctly (taking small drags), the effect often seems to be even stronger. In order to ensure the best possible filtration, actiTube only uses the highest quality active carbon in pellet form (no coal breccia) and we completely fill up the filter (whereas in poorly filled filters, the smoke looks for a way around the carbon and the filtration capacity is drastically reduced). The active carbon we use is consistently of plant origin.